Financial Literacy for Everyone

Asmik Akopyan

Head of Brand & Marketing

At myZoi we are not just about numbers and budgets. We are about people and their financial journeys. Financial literacy and financial inclusion goes beyond just buzzwords and they lie at the core of our mission. We firmly believe that everyone regardless of their background or social status deserves access to practical money tips that can make a real difference in their lives. And so we developed our own, Money Tips with myZoi programme, which you and your employees can access – for free!

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to bring our Money Tips program to the fantastic employees at EFS. During the program, we delved into the details of money management and spoke about how to keep money safe, save more effectively, and really plan for financial future. And most importantly, we made sure it was all human, relatable, and fun!

One of the highlights of our program was a little competition where  we tasked the teams to present their budgeting, tracking, and best-kept money-saving tips. At myZoi we look forward to collaborating and bringing the same passion and knowledge to more companies and extending it to communities in UAE and beyond! If you’re interested to collaborate or would like for us to bring this workshop to your employees – reach out on

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