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You can transfer money back home to up to 5 family members and friends at the cost of 1 i.e. your wife, sister, brother, mother and father.

Favorable Transfer Fee

We aim to bring you a competitive transfer fee so you can save more for yourself and your family.

myZoi Visa Cards

Offering you a Visa Card which enables you to get cash or use it for any purchases in your favorite stores.

send money through MyZoi

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myZoi is a digital app that helps you send money home to your family or friends in real time.

myZoi offers first in the UAE “One-to-Many” feature. You can send money home to up to 5 people (family or friends) at the cost of 1 of transfer fee! So if you’re sending money home to your dad, sister, and friend – you will save on fees for 2 people!

We offer real time transfers and favorable fees and charges. You can check the fees and currency conversion rates in real time through our app – as they will vary depending from country to country.

You can send money home instantly through myZoi. They can use the funds for daily expenses, support your child’s education, or even save for future.

Your family members or friends can get money into their bank account, into a digital wallet, or get cash through a vast network of cashout locations.

send money through MyZoi

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Asmik Akopyan

Head of Brand and Marketing

Over 15 years of international experience in financial services across Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia primarily across retail banks such as Citi, Standard Chartered and Mashreq Bank with particular focus on lending, client growth, and ROI delivery through effective project and people management.